ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium
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Saving energy is just the beginning with ecobee’s all-new Smart Thermostat Premium. Harmonize your savings and comfort while also taking care of your home’s health and security needs with the ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium.

ecobee has been named 2021 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year by the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.¹ This award recognizes ecobee’s continued leadership in energy efficiency and planet-positive smart home innovations including ecobee's industry-leading smart thermostat and intelligent software platform, eco+.

¹ ecobee Honored by EPA and U.S. Department of Energy as 2021 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year.

In the box

  • ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium
  • SmartSensor with detachable stand
  • Mounting plate
  • Wire labels
  • Hardware pack
  • Power extender kit
  • Trim plate
  • Quick start guide


Brilliant at Savings and Comfort

ENERGY STAR® certified ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium automatically saves you up to 26%² per year on energy costs by learning how to uniquely cool and heat your home.

Built-in Air Quality Monitoring

Your key to a healthier home. Breathe easy with indoor air quality monitoring that detects relative humidity, VOCs and equivalent carbon dioxide (eCO₂) levels in the home. Receive alerts, tips for improving air quality and air filter notifications.

SmartSensor Included for Enhanced Comfort

Set the temperature for comfort in the rooms that matter most and help balance your home’s temperature by managing hot or cold spots with included SmartSensor.

More than a Thermostat

Acts as a home monitoring hub, including built-in smoke alarm detection, to alert you of issues or unexpected activity when you’re not home.³ Stay a step ahead of emergencies like frozen pipes or equipment failures with alerts for sudden, unexpected temperature changes.

Get Ultimate Convenience with a Smart Speaker Built-In

Control your home using the power of your voice with your choice of Siri⁴ or Alexa Built-in.

Learns and Adapts with eco+

eco+. is a suite of smart features that provides additional energy savings, enhanced comfort and recommendations that are unique to your home. For customers on time of use rates, eco+ intelligently pre-heats or pre-cools your home when energy is less expensive, saving you money automatically.

Convenience and Control

Adjust thermostat settings anytime, anywhere on Android and iOS devices with the ecobee app. Also works with preferred smart home systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, SmartThings and IFTTT.

²Compared to a hold of 72°F/22°C, according to internal analysis conducted by ecobee. For more information, visit Savings are averages across broad populations and are not intended as an estimate of savings that any specific user will obtain.

⁴ecobee Smart Security plan required.

⁴Apple home hub required to enable Siri on Smart Thermostat Premium.


System Compatibility

Before You Buy: Check if Your Equipment is Compatible

Check compatibility with your HVAC system before purchasing.

This thermostat is not compatible with electric baseboard heating systems.

What's a C-Wire?

A C-wire (common wire) is a low voltage power wire that many modern thermostats require for their features to work. This ecobee Smart Thermostat Enhanced requires a C-wire or installation of the power extender kit (included) to work.

Many older homes don’t have a C-wire because mercury and battery-powered thermostats didn’t require one. Therefore, it is important that you make sure that you have a C-wire and that your HVAC system is compatible with ecobee's thermostat. To determine if you have a C-wire, please consult ecobee’s compatibility checker. You can also hire an HVAC contractor to help you install the C-wire and the thermostat.

For more help installing:

Call ecobee Customer Support at 1-877-932-6233