Keen Zoning + ecobee

Your ecobee uses sensors to determine hot and cold spots in your home. Connect it wirelessly to Keen Home’s Zoning System to communicate temperatures, adjust airflow to over-conditioned rooms and redirect this airflow to rooms that need it most.

Pair your ecobee smart thermostat with the Keen Zoning System to increase your comfort and balance the airflow across your home to save money.

Keen Smart Vents Works with ecobee lifestyle image of vents and sensors

How it works: Keen Zoning + ecobee

  • Step 1: Set a room target temperature in the Keen Home mobile app
  • Step 2: ecobee’s Room Sensor reads the room’s current temperature
  • Step 3: Your Smart Vents automatically adjust to reach the target temperature
Keen Smart Vents Works with ecobee How it Works


You have rooms that:

Get too much heat or AC

Rooms that get more heat or AC than others and frequently exceed your thermostat's setpoint.

Are underused

Rooms you rarely use, but still pay to heat and cool. These rooms waste energy, and prevent rooms you do use from being a comfortable temperature.

Keen Smart Vent System Hot and Cold Rooms Animation


Keen Zoning + ecobee let's you:

Send air to rooms that need it most

Shrink the effective square footage of your home by redirecting air from over-conditioned rooms and boost airflow to under-conditioned ones. Upgrading the vents in just 1-3 rooms can improve how the whole home feels.

Stop paying for rooms you don’t use

Limit airflow to unused rooms to save energy and money.

Keen Smart Vent System Balanced Home Temperature Animation

Want step-by-step details on the integration? View the Keen Smart Vent System + ecobee3 setup guide. Still have questions? Contact our knowledgeable customer support team via chat or email.