Join the Other 6,817 Households in Your National Grid Rhode Island Territory Who Went Solar!

Save on Monthly Electric Bills

Solar panels can help reduce your electricity bill, providing long-term savings.

Benefit the Environment

By using solar power, an average home can eliminate three to four tons of carbon emissions each year.

Increase Your Property Value

Studies have shown that homes with solar panels sell quicker and at a higher value than comparable, non-solar homes.


National Grid is Helping its Customers Compare Their Options for Solar!

National Grid has joined forces with EnergySage to provide an easy way for residents and businesses to shop for solar. Go solar with confidence knowing you got the right solar panel system at a fair price.

Unbiased advisors provide guidance to ensure you make an informed decision. Create a free account in minutes to compare custom solar quotes from pre-screened local installers. No phone number required!

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