Honeywell Home HEPA Air Purifier

Honeywell Home HEPA Air Purifier

Honeywell Home HEPA Air Purifier
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Product Description

This ENERGY STAR, HEPA air purifier from Honeywell Home captures harmful particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mite debris and smoke. This easy to use air purifier is the perfect addition to the most important rooms in your home.

Certified HEPA

This Honeywell Home Air Purifier captures most microscopic allergens, including dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mite debris and smoke. It also reduces a majority of certain bacteria, mold spores and viruses found in the air.

Reduce Odors and VOCs

Activates carbon pre-filter helps reduce common household orders, VOCs and certain gases while trapping larger particles such as dust, lint, fibers and pet fur.

Four Air Cleaning Levels

There are four air cleaning levels: germ, allergen, general clean and turbo.

Auto Shut-Off Timer

The air purifier comes with two, four or eight hour shut-off timers.

Quiet Performance

This air purifier will not disturb your daily life as it is extremely quiet. There are electronic filter replacement indicators and you can adjust the control panel lighting to be bright, dim or off.


  • Select a firm, level and flat location. For best airflow, locate the unit six inches from any wall or furniture.
  • When operating, large volumes of air are drawn toward the air cleaner. Surrounding areas should be cleaned and/or vacuumed frequently to prevent build-up of dust and other contaminants. This may also help prolong the life of the filter. If the unit is placed on a light colored carpet, a small mat or rug should be used underneath to prevent staining. This is especially important in homes with contamination from smoking or fireplaces.
  • For more information check the Honeywell Home HPA100 Air Purifier Manual.

Product Specifications

13.54 x 8.9 x 13.94 in
7.74 lbs
Warranty 5 years

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