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JuiceBox 40

JuiceBox 40

JuiceBox 40 image 29787711799434
JuiceBox 40 image 18837361590410
JuiceBox 40 image 18837361393802
JuiceBox 40 image 18837361557642
JuiceBox 40 image 18837361361034
JuiceBox 40
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JuiceBox 40, the best-selling smart home charging station, combines speed, performance and value. Enjoyed by thousands of satisfied EV drivers, it delivers all the safety and smart charging features you need to make home charging easy, reliable and cost-effective. Built on the universal J1772 charging standard, JuiceBox is a Level 2 charging station that can power all electric vehicles on the market today, including Teslas via an adapter commonly used by Tesla drivers.

  • Up to 7x faster charge: 40A / 10 kW
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with smartphone app and online control dashboard
  • Dynamic LED lights show power, connectivity and charging status
  • New built-in cable rack
  • New security lock
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High Power

At 40 amps (10kW), the JuiceBox 40 charges up to 7x faster.


Indoor and Outdoor Rated

Weatherproof, dust-tight, polycarbonate casing.

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Universal Compatibility

SAE-J1772™ connector ensures compatibility with all EVs on the market today and in the future, including Teslas with a commonly used adapter.

Clean Driving

Cleaner Driving

Optimize charging times and participate in smart grid programs to reduce emissions ENERGY STAR®-certified.

Mobile Phone

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Monitor and schedule charging with intuitive mobile app and web portal. Dynamic LED lights display Wi-Fi connectivity and charging behavior.

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Voice Control

Monitor, manage and control your charger via voice commands on Amazon Echo and Google Home.

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Smart Grid Savings

Schedule your charging times when rates are lower — making your electric vehicle even cheaper to drive.

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Easy to Use and Install

Quick-release mounting bracket and built-in cable management make set up and daily charging a breeze. Available with two installation options: a 240V plug (NEMA 14-50), or hardwired input whip. A professional electrician may be required for installation.

Wi-Fi Requirements

Access the JuiceNet app via your Smartphone or web from anywhere.

  • Set charging schedules so that your EV avoids consuming electricity at peak times. Most utilities offer time of use (TOU) rate schedules to their customers who are EV drivers.
  • Track energy usage, allowing you to view your charging history and extract accurate energy data.
  • See real-time data
  • Start and Stop charging remotely
  • View cost savings per charging session

If you have trouble connecting your JuiceBox to Wi-Fi, please contact Enel X Customer Support between 9AM to 5PM PST:

Phone: (844) 584-2329

Email: support@evcharging.enelx.com 

 If you set it up on Wi-Fi but then disconnect it, any schedules or limits you set when connected to the station may remain even if the station is not connected to Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi memory will be erased upon unplugging from power and will be reinstated once connected to Wi-Fi again. And if you can’t connect to WiFi during the installation, your JuiceBox will still act as a standard charging station in the absence of Wi-Fi, but lack smart charging features.

Load Sharing

If you have more than one EV, you can set up your two (or more) units to share one electrical circuit. Say, you have only 40A capacity in your panel but have two vehicles charging simultaneously. You can program your units to never exceed 40A combined draw. If only one car is charging, it gets the full 40A of current. When the second car shows up, the current gets shared 20A / 20A between the two. When one of the cars finishes charging, the remaining car ramps back to 40A.

Charge Time Table

Product Details

What's included with your JuiceBox Pro 40

A JuiceBox Pro 40, featuring:

  • A 40-amp 25-foot charging cable (also known as a J1772 cable)
  • A 2.3-foot NEMA 14-50 input cable OR 2.3-foot hardwire pigtail (outdoor rated 6 AWG cable with flex conduit)
  • Full JuiceNet app and online control dashboard to set up and monitor your station (smartphone not included)
  • Installation guide
  • Wall mounting bracket
  • Security lock with key

    Technical Specifications

    Requirements  Specifications
    Output Power 40A, 10kW
    Input Voltage 240 VAC nominal, single phase
    Input A 15" inch NEMA 14-50 input cable (from box to middle of plug) OR 3 FT pigtail (outdoor rated 6 AWG cable with flex conduit)
    Output Cable 25 FT standard length, 20 FT extension cables available 
    SAE J1772 standard plug
    Dimensions  6.8” (173 mm) x 18.5” (469 mm) x 5.8” (147 mm)
    Shipping Dimensions 18x 16 x 8 inches (H, W, D - dual walled box)
    Weight ~20lbs fully equipped (with cables)
    Codes and Standards NEMA 4 / IP66, SAE, FCC Part 15 Class B, NEC 625 compliant
    Warranty 3 year manufacturer's warranty for residential usage
    Safety UL and cUL Listed