MERV 11 Home Select AC Filter (2 pack)

MERV 11 Home Select AC Filter (2 pack)

MODEL: MR11-11010-F
MERV 11 Home Select AC Filter (2 pack)
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The PREpleat M11 SC pleated panel filter enables a significant upgrade in collection efficiency over existing MERV 8 products. A 25 30% average efficiency filter (like the MERV 8) can be replaced with a 60 65% efficiency filter (like the MERV 11) at roughly the same resistance levels. Intended for home and commerical use.

Protects Against

Dust and Lint Icon

Dust and Lint

Dust is made up of a variety of things. Dander, lint, hair, and an array of allergenic particles. A MERV rated air filter can help control the accumulation of dust and lint in your home.

Dust Mites Icon

Dust Mite Debris

One of the most common indoor allergens, Dust Mites can easily become airborne and contribute significantly to household dust.

Pollen Icon


Help take control of seasonal allergies by choosing a home air filter capable of trapping pollen and prevent it from entering your home.

Pet Dander Icon

Pet Dander

Home air filters can help those with pet allergies by capturing pet dander and improving the air quality in your home.

Mold Spores Icon

Mold Spores

In addition to causing structural damage to your home, mold can present a significant health risk to you and your family.

Bacteria Icon


The flu and other common colds can be spread through airborne microorganisms and are easily transmitted from person to person.

Smoke Icon


Improve the air quality of your home by capturing smoke and particulates from wood burning fireplaces, forest fires, and second-hand smoke.

Virus Carriers Icon

Virus Carriers

Small airborne particles can serve as carriers to viruses and harmful bacteria. Improving the air quality within your home environment can limit your exposure to the flu and common colds.

smog icon


Vehicle exhaust, industrial emissions, and other air pollutants decrease air quality and can present significant health risks.


MEDIA: Progressive density bi-component fibers.

MEDIA SUPPORT: 100% non-woven synthetic media manufactured from recyclable material.

PLEAT DESIGN: V-Pleat design aids in pressure drop while reducing energy cost. Design allows for maximum airflow and dust holding capacity during the life of the filter.

FRAME: Moisture-resistant clay coated frame.

BI COMPONENT MEDIA: Ultra-high performance bi-component synthetic media contains electrostatically engineered tri-lobal fibers within homogeneous domains of positive and negative electrical charges within the bicomponent fibers to equal an ultra-high performance product.

ENHANCED FIBERS: Electrostatically enhanced fibers are precisely structured into a progressive density gradient structure to enhance airflow with less resistance while providing high dust holding capacity and ultra-high efficiency during operational life.

GRADIENT MEDIA STRUCTURE: Proprietary Engineered Gradient Media Structure enables larger incoming contaminants to be trapped in the prefilter layer thus allowing the highly charged secondary layer to attract and hold smaller particulate, thereby increasing the life of more expensive final filters downstream.

HIGH EFFICIENCY AT LOW-PRESSURE DROP: This proprietary media combined with AAF Flanders unique V-Pleat manufacturing design is the highest performance pleat available on the market today. The proprietary PREpleat M11 can provide an initial efficiency of MERV 11 per ASHRAE 52.2-2007.


MERV 8 Home Select AC Filter

MERV8 pleated filter achieves MERV 8 efficiency with low resistance to airflow per ASHRAE 52.2. Its filtering medium does not rely on electrostatic charge to capture particulate, since this charge dissipates over time.

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MERV 13 Home Select AC Filter

The PREpleat M13 pleated filter has a low initial resistance and supports achievement of LEED credits by significantly improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and reducing energy consumption when upgrading from filters with lower MERV ratings and higher resistance levels.

merv 13 filter image

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