Niagara Pre Rinse Spray Valve 0.68 GPM

Niagara Pre Rinse Spray Valve 0.68 GPM

MODEL: N2180-0.68
Niagara Pre Rinse Spray Valve 0.68 GPM
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Bring efficiency into commercial kitchens with the pre-rinse spray valve that produces a vigorous spray pattern that offers high performance and water saving efficiencies. On all sides of the valve, a dish-protecting bumper helps prevent broken dishes. The rinser uses only 0.68 GPM and is certified by the Food Services Technology Center. 

Efficient Use of Water

With an efficient flow rate of 0.68 GPM (gallons per minute), this rinser does not sacrifice in performance.

High Power Spray

Vigorous spray pattern offers high performance.

Dish-Protecting Bumpers

Protective full-surround dish guard bumper prevents damage to sprayer or dishes.

Product Details

Solid brass fitting prevents leaks and always-on handle clip enables constant flow.


Simple equipment-free installation.


This product has a five year limited warranty.


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