Weatherization Kit

Weatherization Kit

Weatherization Kit
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Start conserving energy throughout your home with the Weatherization Kit. Begin by sealing up common places where you lose heating and cooling in your home. Install weather strips, rope caulk and gaskets to seal gaps around doors, windows and outlets. Prevent costly drafts from non-sealed doors by installing door sweeps and corner doorjambs. Insulate the pipes on your water heater to improving thermal efficiency. Use the included deluxe window film kit to save energy and keeping heat where it belongs.

The kit comes with the following products:

  • 2 - Self-Stick Door Sweep (1.5" x 36”)
  • 2 - Corner Doorjamb Pads
  • 1 - Rope Door and Window Caulk
  • 1 - Deluxe Window Film Kit (5 Windows)
  • 4 - Switch Gaskets
  • 8 - Outlet Gaskets
  • 2 - Adhesive Weather Strips, Closed Cell (3/16" x 3/8" x 17’)
  • 2 - Pipe Insulation Pieces (1/2” x 3/4" x 3’) 

    Self-Stick Door Sweep, 1.5" x 36" (N6000)

    The Self-Stick Door Sweep’s powerful adhesive is crafted to stay in place regardless of conditions. The 1.5” height allows seals on doors with imperfections and its clear color makes it less noticeable once installed. To install, simply cut to size, peel off the red strip, and stick into place. The door sweep comes individually packaged with installation instructions.

    Corner Doorjamb Pads (1557-8263-1-I-PIECE)

    The Corner Doorjamb Pads feature pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. Dimensions are 1.25” wide x 2” high and these are easy to install. Simply apply doorjamb pad to the corner of the doorjamb on the hinge side.

    Rope Door and Window Caulk (P14AM) 

    The Rope Door and Window Caulk is an effective alternative to tube caulking. Unlike tube caulking, application requires no caulk gun or messy clean up. Simply separate a strand of the rope caulk and press the self-stick caulk into place with your fingertips. It is an excellent weather-sealing product and helps seal out drafts in small gaps, providing an easy caulking solution on doors and windows without mess. This product will not harden or dry out.

    Deluxe Window Film Kit - 5 Windows (JT-1006SPB)

    Avoid expensive window and patio door upgrades while saving energy and keeping heat where it belongs with the help of a deluxe window insulation kit. The kit includes everything users need for seamless installation, including clear film 62" x 210" and premium adhesive, two-sided tape 0.33" x 90'. 

    Switch and Outlet Gaskets 12 Pack - 4 Switch and 8 Outlet (55111B-2)

    Seal and save with these switch and outlet insulating gaskets. Each gasket is 2 1/2” wide and 4” high. Adding gaskets helps insulate and seals out costly drafts. Simply install behind switch or outlet plate covers.

    Adhesive Weather Strip, Closed Cell, 3/16" x 3/8" x 17' (V443H)

    The closed cell adhesive weatherstripping seals out drafts, prevents heat loss and improves energy efficiency. This weatherstripping is made of 100% PVC sponge foam with pressure-sensitive peel-and-stick acrylic adhesive. It is easy to install and requires no special tools or skills. This weather stripping may be used on doors, windows, attic hatches, around air conditioners and more.

    Pipe Insulation Pieces 1/2" x 3/4" x 3' (PI011)

    This closed cell polyethylene hot water pipe insulation is used to insulate both residential and commercial hot water, non-steam pipes, improving thermal efficiency. Insulating hot water pipes reduces heat loss and can raise water temperature 2°F - 4°F while preventing freezing and sweating. This pipe insulation provides excellent resistance to water and water vapor. Pipe insulation is flexible and easy to install.